Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T

1646 AED

Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T is available in UAE.

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Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T – Features & Prices in UAE :

Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T (Renewed)

Package Dimensions
7.2 x 3.86 x 1.97 inches
Item Weight
9.7 ounces
Connectivity technologies
Other display features
Included Components
Adapter, USB Cable
Apple Computer
Date First Available
December 3, 2020


Test video – Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T :




Product highlights :

  • This device is locked to AT&T only and not compatible with any other carrier.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.


    Questions & Answers – Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T :

    ➕ What is the price of Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green - AT&T in UAE ?

    The price of Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T in-store is 1646 AED VAT.

    ➕ When Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green - AT&T was released ?

    The release date was December 3, 2020.

    ➕ What is the price of Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green - AT&T cheap used ?

    The price of Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T used is 1146 AED VAT.

    ➕ What are the main characteristics of Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green - AT&T ?

    Special specifications :
  • This device is locked to AT&T only and not compatible with any other carrier.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic.
  • ➕ Is it interesting to buy this product ?

    The best people who can answer you are customers who have already bought and tested this product (See Customer Reviews). This product is rated 4.3 / 5 on Amazon.

    ➕ Where to buy Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green - AT&T in UAE ?

    Mall, Supermarkets, Amazon, Specialized stores, ….


    Technical specifications – Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T :


    Wireless Carrier
    Memory Storage Capacity
    64 GB
    Connectivity Technology
    Screen Size
    6.1 Inches
    Included Components
    Adapter, USB Cable



    Purchase advice :

    • Warranty :

      Check the duration of the warranty and also the faults and defects it covers. Is it complete or limited? and What is included in the warranty (parts, repairs or both)?

    • Shipping :

      Is delivery offered? And how long does it take to get delivered (Delivery time)

    • Proof of purchase :

      Does the shop give you an invoice ?

    • After-sales service :

      Do they have an after-sales service to have information about the installation or operation (instructions for use). Also in case of problem, it is the seller who takes charge or you must contact the manufacturer or supplier yourself.





    2 reviews for Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, Green – AT&T

    1. O. B (verified owner)

      Fast phone – this is my second iPhone and I just upgraded from the 11. This one is noticeably faster and the camera is better but the battery is still okay at best. my daily driver is an android phone and that battery outlives this one every single day. even with game play on that one. I really like the camera tho. I bought it to test my app so it works for the purpose I got it. (the pic is from an android phone – forgive me lol)

    2. C. Z (verified owner)

      Like new – Was a gift for someone but I made sure it functions all but the camera. I’m and Android lover. But tinkering with this to make sure was actually nice. Almost got me apple almost. Really happy I went this route.

    3. C. E (verified owner)

      Got one with 100% Battery Health, minor scratching on back – I believe I got lucky and got what feels like a brand new iPhone 12. I know the phone is old and I really am under the impression I got a brand new one that was sitting around for a while. Everything works fine and I’m really happy that when checking the battery health, it said 100%! I checked under direct light for scratches and scuffs. There was some minor scratches; very thin which looks like finger nail scratches. But from arm lengths distance, I couldn’t make out where the scratches were and I’m happy with it. My Samsung Galaxy S10e of 2.5 years malfunctioned recently and I needed a new phone but I didn’t want to break the bank.

    4. B. J (verified owner)

      EVERYTHING WORKS LIKE NEW VERY PLEASED – This is my first smartphone so there’s been a learning curve but it gets easier everyday and it’s very convenient. The condition was excellent with no scratches or imperfections and it works very well. It holds a charge for longer than I expected and the reception has been fine no matter where I am. It was reasonably priced which is why I bought it and I’m glad I chose this model. I just recommended this to a friend who’s thinking about an iPhone!

    5. F. E (verified owner)

      Not overly impressed – I believe face recognition is faulty. My phone and sites can be accessed by others than myself ‍ . I went from iPhone 8+ to iPhone 12 simply for the 5G network. I was more comfortable with the finger print more so than face recognition.

    6. H. M (verified owner)

      Estética menos de lo esperado – Compré este iPhone y funciona bien aunque tengo que decir que tuvo varios puntos en contra y es que al comprarlo me decidí por el reacondicionado en excelente estado y al recibirlo me encontré con que tiene 2 golpes el las esquinas, los aros que rodean a las lentes tienen raspones (pero las lentes están en excelente estado) y en la parte de atrás trae otro ratón mas. El reacondicionado excelente dice que golpes o ratones no se distinguen a un brazo de distancia pero si se notan y mucho en especial los de la esquina. Otro de los puntos en contra es que al pasar mis apps y archivos de mi antiguo iPhone me marcaba un error y me hizo restaurarlo 3 veces por lo que decidí iniciarlo como un iPhone nuevo y después descargar Lemus apps y documentos por iCloud. Hasta ahora el celular no ha teñido problemas de red, sistema y batería y con las fundas parecería nuevo así que decidí quedármelo a menos que en lo que resta de garantía me falle.

    7. B. Z (verified owner)

      Great renewed iphone from Olympicwireless – I got this renewed in excellent condition from Olympicwireless and it came the next day by Amazon shipping and this phone looked close to new as possible. Battery life was at 88% which is reasonable since its a few years old. Physicially I was very impressed and the phone worked fine as should be. Really happy. As for the iphone 12 , it is definitely faster from iphone 11 which I had a hand me down from a family member. I have used many android and previous versions of iphone and I must say iphone is easier to use in my opinion. Also a lot of reviews on Amazon don’t mention the seller when it comes to renewed/refurbished and the listed condition that was bough but this makes a big difference for others looking for reviewed so would be great for others to mention this.

    8. R. C (verified owner)

      BUY IT! – I aint going lie, I was looking for a cheaper option and opted to buy it in acceptable condition. I confess that I was a little afraid of the iphone come with a cracked screen, or a bad battery but no! quite the contrary, the batery came 100% in acceptable condition, without defects, totally perfect as if I had just bought it from the store, no problems with the box. Totally worth buying

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